Bathroom Renovation In Midland, Ontario

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The bathroom is a very important room in your home, serving both as a peaceful haven and a place for our most hurried moments. Your bathroom should be both practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Bathroom Renovation in Midland, Ontario

Modern Bathroom Redesign

Any bathroom renovation, whether it’s your powder room or guest bathroom, can be a huge undertaking. From choosing the right tiles and paint colours to ensuring your demolition is done properly, you have to consider multiple factors.

Modern Shower with Niche

This bathroom includes a strategically placed modern shower with niche and helps make the most of the space and shape of the room, while creating a balance between the pale and dark shades. Blending the rustic look of the door while adapting a more modern bathroom look really helps create an ambiance of stepping into another space, wile the open plan of the glass shower doors really helps create depth and opens up the room to enhance the natural lighting.
Niche in Shower - Bathroom Renovation

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