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Custom Built Homes - FAQ

We are a company that says “Yes” to all your home building questions.

We consider ourselves a different kind of custom home builder and not only help you make informed decisions but give you the option of being involved in the planning and building process. We know how important, and the size of investment, this is for you. We will answer all your questions and help you build your dream home. To get an idea of the cost of building a custom home, please contact us and read about the cost of building a custom home in Ontario including the Georgian Bar area.

Yes, you can use your plans or ours.

Our plans are a starting point that you can customize to create the exact custom built home you want.


Our suggestions:

  1. Find the style, or look, using one of our books or bring in your suggestion (Cape Cod, Colonial, Tudor, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Art deco, back of a napkin, etc.)
  2. Determine size and expand or shrink the plans as required to achieve your vision (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, etc.),
  3. Make it your own, use your imagination, family needs, or future planning to create,  a me space, indoor garden, music room, yoga room, workshop, a family gathering location, future child room, existing child room etc.

In short, let us help you develop a plan  to suit your present, and future, needs, requirements and wants in your new custom home build

Yes. This is one way we are different from many other builders. We allow you supervised walk throughs during the building process, so you can see your project take shape and to visually see how your home looks. Many times, an aspect of the house looks different in 3D than what you saw on paper and changes need to be made.

Yes. We are here to help you from start to finish, to find the right location that is suitable for your new home. We will also be there to confirm the lot is buildable and not full of pitfalls or problems. Let us do a free lot inspection for you.

Yes. We provide the permitting and installation for both well and septic.

We have finance partners to help you secure a loan, or you can provide your own finance options. A construction loan is required for most builds unless you have an existing workable mortgage.

A home price is based on many factors; number of floors, type of architecture, overall size, interior and exterior features, and many other factors. After our free consultations we will determine what we need to give you the square foot price along with our guaranteed bottom-line price. We will work with you to build the best home that stays within your budget.

In most cases, a custom built home is more expensive. This depends more on your choice of materials, design, and involvement. If you want us to simply close in the project and leave the finishes to you, this will reduce the cost of the build. We are happy to customize a project from start to finish to make it work for you.

Yes. We know you are making one of your most expensive investments. Most of the time we are dealing with first time custom home builders, and we want it to go as smooth as possible for you. We will assist you every step of the way in the design process, but still allowing you to make changes during construction, this is a big difference between us and the competition. From kitchen sink to shingles on the roof, trust our experience to give you the best guidance in designing your new custom home.

Yes. We are different from other builders. We will work with you or your licensed contractor to finish the project and get you the best building value. Because we are under Tarion, the person must be licensed, and a waiver signed that their work does not fall under the scope of our Tarion warranty.

Yes. We will supply you our guaranteed estimated price that you present to your financial institution. If we have decided on changes, then it will be documented by a change order, which may or may not affect the price. We are a company that does not like surprises for you or for us, so we like to keep you informed and up to date. It is important to note that due to current supply issues, prices can fluctuate quickly, so in some circumstances price increases may have to be passed on, which may effect the estimate.

Yes. We have our own Master plumber and plumbing team. If you already have a builder but need a plumber with experience in new home plumbing, contact our plumber to get free estimate. 

A custom home build in Ontario can vary in pricing. Please see our blog post about the factors that can change the cost of your custom home and a full break down of low end and high end 2000 square foot home. 

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