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Need A Custom Built Home?

Looking for tips and help planning your custom home build? We break down our process, timelines and have lots of custom home building tips and inspiration! 

Custom Home Building

Don’t Rely Solely on Cost Per Square Foot When Building a House

The Pitfalls of Cost Per Square Foot It’s tempting for homebuyers in the planning stages to request a cost per square foot calculation from their …


Custom Home Building Checklist for Ontario, Canada

Explore a comprehensive checklist for building a custom home in Ontario, Canada, featuring steps like land purchasing, design planning, and construction stages. Discover how Georgian Bay Homes can simplify your journey

Home Building Cost Ontario
Custom Home Building

The Cost of Building A Custom Home in Ontario

A full break down of what you can expect the full costs of building a 2000 sq.ft. custom home in Ontario with an example quote including average starting cost.


Southern Georgian Bay Chamber Of Commerce Office Renovation

Recently we sponsored the 2022 Celebration of Summer BBQ for the Southern Georgian Bay Chamber Of Commerce.

Common Plumbing Problems

8 Common Plumbing Issues And How to Fix them

Plumbing issues can in occur in a variety of ways and vary greatly in cost and potential damage to a home or business. Depending on the size of your home or business, the extent of a plumbing issue can change very quickly. To avoid damage to walls, floors, and overall property, it’s crucial for you to know about the problems that generally occur in most plumbing systems.

Must Have Home Design Features
Custom Home Building

The Ultimate List of “Must Haves” When Building a New Home

You have the chance of building your dream when working with a custom builder. You have probably already made a list of many of the major details you want eg. bathroom and kitchen layouts, fixtures etc. but there are also many finer details that should be considered that will increase the value of your home, make it low maintenance yet high performing. Consider the following 15 features.

Custom Home Building in Ontario
Custom Home Building

What Should I Look for in a Custom Home Builder?

One of the main issues when making the decision to build a custom home is choosing a custom home builder that will meet your needs and that you can easily partner with. The challenges that you may face during a custom build will be less likely if you find the right builder.

Custom Home Building Timeline
Custom Home Building

How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home?

There is a step-by-step process required when building a custom home. If you are planning to build a custom home it’s a safe bet that this is your first custom build and you have many questions about the process.

We will address the most common questions and discuss the process we take from our initial contact.

Custom Home Building Tips
Custom Home Building

15 Custom Home Building Tips

When you fail to plan you plan to fail  and any reliable and reputable builder would agree. When making a decision to build it is very important to have a plan for every room in the house. By working with an experienced custom home builder you can ensure that you will get the plans that meet your needs! We will walk you through room-by-room to guarantee every nook and cranny is exactly what you want. Let us explore a few custom home building tips to help you get started: 

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