15 Custom Home Building Tips

When you fail to plan you plan to fail  and any reliable and reputable builder would agree. When making a decision to build it is very important to have a plan for every room in the house. By working with an experienced custom home builder you can ensure that you will get the plans that meet your needs! We will walk you through room-by-room to guarantee every nook and cranny is exactly what you want. Let us explore a few custom home building tips to help you get started: 
Custom Home Building Tips
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Finding the best location for your custom built home

Location is everything! It is of utmost importance to find a location that meets all your needs and desires. This can be accomplished by touring potential neighbourhoods. 

There are many considerations that  need to be met which could include schools,the distance to your job, shopping availability, surrounding communities and access to major roadways.  A good custom builder will have the knowledge to help you find what you need in your desired area and therefore help you find the best location!

Assessing a Homeowner’s Association

Some communities have Homeowners Associations who can dictate the style of your home, as well as the choices made for the area surrounding your home. They are put in place to ensure things are kept in order in the community but may limit some of your choices.  

If there is an association where you decide to build it is important that you review all the documents carefully and understand all the terms. 

Building a home can be stressful enough without added surprises that may occur if the clauses in the Homeowner’s Association are not met. It is up to you to understand these rules, not your real estate agent or your lawyer. An experienced custom home builder can help you steer through these details and guarantee a home that meets everyone’s requirements! 

How to choose the right contractor for your custom built home

Choosing the right contractor is extremely important. Building your perfect home is an important experience and you want to make sure you are working with the right people. The home building process can be very stressful and overwhelming which can be alleviated by choosing the right contractor for the job.

When looking for the perfect contractor some things you may want to consider are: reputation, financial status, and previous jobs completed. By looking into these pieces you will be doing your due diligence in finding the right person to build your home! 

An excellent contractor will deliver you your dream home without any worries or undue anxiety.

Required permits for a custom built home

As we said before – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So making sure all of the important paperwork is completed is very important! Permits, flood plans and any other necessary paperwork required must be in place and in order before any building can commence. An experienced custom builder will usually manage as much of this as is possible in order to alleviate any of the burden and stress on you. This, again is another reason why finding the right contractor is imperative.

Start with the basics

When building your dream home – many people have an idea of what they want it to look like. Do not hesitate sharing these ideas with your contractor – they want to make your dreams come true! Take a notebook and start by writing down your ideas so they will be easily communicated to your builder. This will help the builder gain a better insight of your styles.

We highly recommend that these conversations happen ahead of time so all your decisions have been made. Decisions also have to be made about the wants and the must-haves and what to prioritize. You can gain ideas by attending open houses, home shows and custom home builds as well as from your own existing home ( things that just don’t work for you and things that do). 

All this will help when meeting with your builder and will be useful information for them.

Custom Home Building Basics Guide

Future proof your custom home

When considering the needs and wants for your home you must consider your future and the future of the home itself. This will all depend on the changes life has for you i.e. more children, children returning home, aging parents who may need to move in, working from home, retirement etc. Lifestyles are constantly changing and your plans for your home should incorporate these possible needs in the future. Working with a contractor to make flexible plans will help you with this planning process.

Custom Built Home Amenities: What to choose?

The design is in the details! When building your dream home you should always consider your amenities. Some are standard and automatically come with the home while others can be upgraded and may suit your lifestyle better.

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two of the most important rooms to prioritize when deciding on upgrades. They are the rooms with the most appliances and fixtures and will also raise the market  value of the home as well. Taking the time to choose the proper amenities for now and the future will help you put together your perfect home. Working with the right custom home builder will help you decide what amenities are needed. 

Energy Efficiency

The environment continues to be a strong force when considering buying or building a home. The housing market is leaning towards environmentally friendly custom homes. There is a trend to make ecological decisions which may result in many features that will make your home more comfortable, valuable and better for the environment. 

By buying energy efficient appliances, using new materials for insulation, or even using eco-friendly building supplies can reduce your utility costs. This will create a more sustainable home environment resulting in savings to you and ultimately increase the value of your home. Speak directly with your custom home builder about some of the different options available for energy efficient homes. 

The importance of aesthetics

The atmosphere of your home can affect your mood. There are many factors that can contribute to the aesthetics of your home. Natural lighting is important both aesthetically as well as cost effective and can be accomplished by the positioning of your windows.

The colour choice for your home is also an important decision. Colours have been proven to affect moods, feelings and emotions. By creating a tastefully creative home you create a home for your present needs as well as  potentially others.

Do not over-customize your new home

Many home buyers have distinct ideas of what they want and prefer in their homes. This is fine to an extent.

Remember your choices and preferences may not be the same as others. You may feel at the time of building and decision making that this is your forever home and will not sell it. Circumstances may change and some of these unique decisions could actually have a negative impact on the sale of your home. 

By consulting with your custom home builder they will help steer you through these decisions and create a home that is ideal for your present and future! 

The Importance of Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are becoming an essential part of a home by bringing the inside outdoors. This can be as simple as a landscaped patio or deck or expanding it to outdoor kitchens, spas, showers etc. 

People want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible  and to be able to do it in a  cozy outdoor living space is always a plus. Talk to your custom home builder about different options for creating the perfect outdoor living space. 

Review Blue Prints with your custom home designer

The development is in the details! It is essential that you go over the blueprints for your home design before going forward with final decisions. Ensure that the rooms are situated in the best spots for your needs. 

By doing this you can rearrange and/or rework anything prior to construction or plans are finalized. This will ensure that you will have your desired outcome.

Mapping Out Electrical Outlets and Plumbing

Convenience and simplicity are important for many home builders. It is imperative to map out the locations of your electrical outlets as well as your plumbing for not only your immediate needs as well as your future needs. 

With the evolving changes you want to make sure that you have ample outlets for your appliances, electronics, and all other gadgets that you have and may have going forward.

You may want to consider installing outlets with USB ports so devices can be easily charged without an adaptor.

The planning of electrical outlets  can make for an easier life both now and in the future.

Determine the best stud placement for your needs

The placement of studs is as important as the placement of your electrical outlets. Proper placement results in a safer home. It is best to work with your contractor to find the best options.

You will want to ensure that you are able to display your many decorations and accessories to make your home your own.

Partnering with the right custom builder will alleviate a lot of your decisions and ease the stress of building a custom home.  

Enjoy building your custom home

Building your dream home is rewarding. We at Georgian Bay Homes know this because we see the results everyday with all of our projects and clients. It’s critically important that you do your research, and choose the right builder and designer for your custom home build.  Results, builders skills and workmanship are important to your project, so is the personality of the team you are working with. If you have done your due diligence, you should have peace of mind knowing that your builder is on your team.  With the right preparation and the right builder, the entire process should be exhilarating.  Enjoy the build, and the years of happiness your dream home will bring.

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